Artistic residencies

Art Residencies Programme in Brussels

Even if the Covid-19 pandemic restricts mobility, The Open Earth Foundation (OEF) remains faithful to its core objective of encouraging cultural exchanges between countries and the mobility of artists.

Therefore, and in cooperation with LaVallée, we are organising the Art Residencies programme REOPENING BOXES! that will take place during the months of August and September 2020 in Brussels.


July 15, 2020. As the deadline has passed, we are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for you interest.

The crisis has affected artists’ ability to generate an income and many are no longer able of renting their studios and work in good conditions.

The REOPENING BOXES! programme will facilitate them a place to work for periods from two weeks up to two months while they strengthen their professional skills and acquire visibility. This place to create and work will be situated at LaVallée at Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Brussels. This artistic hub is a Smart Project, part of the SMART cooperative.

Stephan Balleux, a Belgian visual artist and teacher at the Royal Academy of the Arts of Brussels, will lead a pluri-disciplinary team to screen applications and choose the beneficiaries together with OEF board members and The Gabarron Foundation. Since the situation is expected to improve, we hope to be able to support in 2021 both artists residing in Belgium and artists living and working abroad.


  • An Arts Programme in Brussels to help artists strengthening professional skills and visibility during 2020, with the possibility to exhibit/perform abroad in 2021.
  • OEF wishes to support 6 to 8 artists by helping them having access to a suitable working space during August and September 2020. The duration of the programme will be from 2-8 weeks (depending on your needs).
  • We welcome artists from different disciplines: visual arts, design, music, performing arts, literature, films.
  • Due to the pandemic and its travel restrictions, we are looking to support artists residing in Belgium.
  • Together with LaVallée and other partners, debates and meetings will be organised by OEF. Artists will be able to participate in workshops and discussions on culture and on the future of the creative sector, with a focus on youth and gender.
  • In October 2020, OEF and La Vallée will organise an exhibition / performance / concert to show the artists’ creations.
  • Artists will be asked to donate a percentage of the art or ticket sales to the foundation for the organization of future programs.
  • OEF and partners will explore the possibility to set an online system both for commissioning and for selling artworks. During and after the residency you can use such OEF’s platform to sell your work online.
  • Beyond the percentage of future sales, artists will be asked to contribute to the objectives of OEF by donating some of your time to engage new audiences (for example, children) and/or in participating, for instance, in school events.
  • The selected artists will be offered the possibility of exhibiting their work in 2021 in Spain in collaboration and hosted by the Gabarron Foundation.